What to pack on your visit to Ssese Islands – Brovad Sands Lodge

What to pack on your visit to Ssese Islands

As you prepare for to visit Ssese Islands on a honeymoon, group retreat, business or any other purpose, you may be wondering just what you are going to need to bring to have a comfortable stay. Below is a complied list of the suggested items that you should consider not leaving behind for your stay on Ssese islands:

Ssese is an epitome of relaxation so you should pack with a mind of unwinding vacation, so pack some casual wear, open shoes/sandals, snickers, sun hats and swimming costumes.

Moving with a set of these healthy items will provide a remarkable stay on the Ssese islands. Pack a manicure set, toiletries & sanitary (torch, mosquito repellent, Vaseline, tooth brush & paste, bathing sponge, soap etc.)

As we know that Ssese islands are isolated islands in Lake Victoria, the cool weather is dominant here through-out the year. Get your self a woolen sweater, rain coat/umbrella, socks and scarfs to keep you warm when it becomes colder for you.

It is a digital world and Ssese islands have also hooped-on, bring a Camera for great opportunity of taking photographs, come along with your Laptop, modem, music player & phone charger. Most of the Hotels on Ssese Islands have Wi-Fi internet.

Ssese islands provides a perfect place for unwinding and relaxation, so sit down under the shade on the shoreline in the white-sand beach with your leisure reading material or any other preferred entertainment item/gadget and enjoy your time.

Since you are moving to new environment, your body may not be easily flexible with it therefore, you should carry your emergency pharmaceuticals like pain killers such as Paracetamol, deep heat, plasters etc.

You may not worry about moving with bulk amounts of cash, Ssese island has various financial services like Western Union, Money Gram, Airtel money and MTN mobile money and also Stanbic Bank is readily available, please carry your ATM with you!

With those items with you, your stay on Ssese islands will be comfortable and relaxing.

For bookings and inquiries about Ssese islands holidays ad vacations, please send us an email through stay@sseseislandsresorthotel.com or call our vacation planner on +256701367970.


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