A Must-Visit Ssese Island Resort Hotel


A Must-Visit Ssese Island Resort Hotel

Ssese Islands situated on the northwest of Lake Victoria; Africa’s largest fresh water body, is an idyllic destination for those who wish to holiday in pristine, lush green settings. Being a beauteous tropical island, where life is lived in a relaxed rhythm, it can offer you a wonderful holidaying experience. It is place where you can enjoy pristine beach views while sipping your favorite drink in a nice balcony of Brovad Sands Lodge.

Being a popular tourist destination, there are a number of resorts on this exotic island. However, none of them is as good as our resort – Brovad Sands Lodge. What has made the most visited Brovad Sands Lodge is the fact that we spare no effort to offer our guests the very best in terms of everything. We have a wonderful assortment of amenities to make their stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Fully furnished luxurious cottages, well-kept swimming pool, a world class restaurant, fully stocked bars, a wellness center, are just a few of those amenities that we offer to our dear guests.

At our luxurious Brovad Sands Lodge, we pay special attention to the needs, preferences, and budget of tourists and vacationers, who stay in our resort while holidaying in Ssese Islands of Uganda. To suit varied needs, we have different cottage categories including family villas, double cottages, and tripple cottages. All these cottages have been tastefully designed and decorated with impressive tailored fittings with an African touch. They are all well appointed with facilities like a king-size bed, gorgeous linen bedding, a spacious bathroom, a private balcony, and a secure wireless internet access.

There are many other things that has made us the best Ssese Island resort hotel. For instance, we go the extra mile to accommodate requirements of the guests. We arrange intimate weddings on the beach. In fact, we ensure that your day is extra special and memorable for you and your family. In addition to organizing special events, we also organize tailor-made holidays.

To know more or make reservations, please contact us via stay@sseseislandsresorthotel.com or call our reservation team on +256-701367970.


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