“An achievable slice of heaven”

An achievable slice of heaven

After plenty of excitement about Brovad Sands, and of course the island which houses the hidden gem I made the punishing journey through Masaka. Smooth till my humble 4×4 was almost swallowed by a small bad section of watery road.

Eventually I reached the island and had a 40 km drive through some amazing scenery and almost endless palm oil plantations to the lodge. Now I’ll admit that I was expecting heaven but the heaven I got was altogether of a different blend. I was not disappointed.

To put this place in perspective I made this romantic trip with my two sons 7 and 3 years of age. The first reproachful look from the eager to please staff was where on earth is your partner? I of course looked on like an all knowing chap and said, this is a guys only outing. I’ll survive the cool nights! With that came the welcoming refreshments of tropical juice. T

he kids enjoyed that and immediately kicked off a champions league match in the lobby! Staff kept watch but let them be. Rooms are simply furnished with an apparent intention of pulling off a natural look. It almost passes. This is a common Ugandan style of doing lakeside/waterside lodgings. Flats screen TV which was immediately tuned to cartoons. The pool is small and basic but my eldest son seemed to enjoy himself all the way to the 8 foot deep end. The youngest satisfied himself on the shallowest end. Food was good but not mind blowing and the kids enjoyed themselves.

There’s plenty of activities around including canoeing and nature walks both of which I didn’t have time to partake. That will be next time. Quad biking off site is a superb way of seeing the neighbourhood. I enjoyed it immensely. Though they probably should overhaul the bikes. This service though is not under the Brovad umbrella but it’s close by and the hotel kindly made it happen. If you are a golf fan, there is a nearby (few hundred metres) golf course. Small likely 9 hole with the best golf course view I have seen. So be prepared to scuba dive for some errant balls. I highly recommend this place especially for couples but friends can have as much fun. As a family outing it is fun. And did I mention the views!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely heavenly.

Room Tip: You can request a cot for a child in your double room at a very modest price.
As Reviewed on TripAdvisor by Tumusiime, K. from Kampala, Uganda.
For Bookings, send us a WhatsApp message on +256701601297 or call us on +256701367970. Alternatively, send us an email via stay@sseseislandsresorthotel.com

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