Three Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Location for Your Honeymoon


Most couples only have the opportunity to go on one honeymoon in their lives.  A lucky few have the opportunity to take a second honeymoon 20 or 30 years after their first but that is not common or guaranteed.  Since your honeymoon will likely be a once in a lifetime experience you should consider taking an adventure honeymoon to Ssese Islands.

Explore Together
Newlyweds are just starting out on the adventure of life together.  A honeymoon can be a fantastic opportunity to explore a new place together and through the exploration learn more about each other and grow even closer together.  Select a honeymoon location that offers outdoor adventures adventures that you can pursue together.  Activities such as canoe rides, fishing, quad biking and nature walk provide great bonding and memory making experiences for a newlywed couple.

Couples tend to pick beach honeymoons figuring they will relax together while lying on the beach. While there isn’t anything wrong with this idea, planning to spend an entire honeymoon lying on the beach does not lend itself to a memorable trip. If you and your fiance enjoy traveling it is likely you will have subsequent beach vacations in your future. Beach vacations are very popular for young families since the beach provides kids endless entertainment.  Your memory will blur and you won’t easily recollect which beach vacation was your honeymoon. Therefore it is wiser to choose something more unique for your honeymoon. Select a location that allows you the opportunity to relax on the beach but also offers a variety of attractions and adventures that will make your trip memorable for years to come.

Stress Free
Your honeymoon is an opportunity for you and your new spouse to spend time away from real life.  If you choose a traditional honeymoon you may find real life still impeding on you via emails, texts and other forms of modern day communication.  If you select an active honeymoon you can be completely stress free while snorkeling, hiking and kayaking.  You will truly be able to focus on your honeymoon experiences and leave your regular life behind.

Brovad Sands Lodge offers the opportunity for a memorable, stress free honeymoon in which you can explore our beautiful Ssese islands.  Contact us for more information on booking your honeymoon throough or call +256-701367970


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