Meeting On Ssese Islands’ Brovad Sands Lodge


A big company just concluded a small meeting here at Brovad Sands Lodge. It was attended by some of their sales people from all over the world, just around 10 or twelve of them. Brovad Sands Lodge has just a meeting room, suitable for functions of up to 40 or so people.

The folks that were just here met during the day, enjoyed lunch out at our on-site Restaurant and Bar Bar, went for a happy hour cruising on Lake Victoria, a swim in the pool, perhaps grabbed a book and reached the beach, or could have found a spot on the sun deck and relaxed.

Talk about easy; and it’s fun too. I’m sure you will love the atmosphere, the food and drink, and personal service. As primarily a leisure hotel, as opposed to a corporate hotel, with a meeting room, the functions are much easier for to pay close attention as generally it is the only function. The advantage to the attendees is great; they are smack in the middle of a wonderful vacation destination!

Lots of great stuff going on the Ssese Islands: speed boat cruises, canoe rides, nature walks, community visits, quad biking, bird watching, honeymoons, and many more! Speaking of honeymoon, Brovad Sands Lodge provides the best honeymoon vacation packages in Uganda at the most affordable rates. Our  romantically standard cottages are designed to provide the best comfort and pleasure during your honeymoon vacation.
We are also pleased to inform you that this Christmas season Brovad Sands Lodge have family packages to give you the best Christmas celebration vacation with your family.

Are you planning a meeting, or any function?, just contact us and we shall offer the best tailored services for a successful event. Contact us through or call +256-701367970 for more information!


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