Relax and unwind in paradise at Brovad Sands Lodge, Ssese Islands


Ssese Islands are nicked named a ‘world of its own’ due to being famous for its 84 archipelagos and the rich history of the Bassese who used to live on the islands. Ssese Islands is the ultimate Ugandan tropical island for relaxation. It is also famous for its tropical forests and beautiful beaches with white sand. The island is located in the North West of Lake Victoria; the largest lake in Africa and second in the world.

The Bugala Island is the largest of all the islands that makeup Ssese. Bugala is the most developed Island with the best accommodation and activities on Ssese Islands, which makes a great place for adventures and an idyllic white sand. The islands natural beauty combined with its rich history and friendly population makes Ssese Islands an excellent place to visit if you desire a genuine Ugandan paradise.

Ssese Islands’ most celebrated Island is Bugala, which has soft white sand and warm, clear waters. Here you can can find the luxurious 3-star Spice Island Beach Resort such as Brovad Sands Lodge. This fantastic resort hotel is a small Luxury Hotels of Ssese and was ranked as the number 1 resort hotel on the Ssese Islands by TripAdvisor reviewers. If you want a luxurious stay right on an impeccable beach, Brovad Sands Lodge is the best choice on Ssese islands, and one of the best options in the Uganda holiday hotels and resorts.

The resort is located on the Bugala Island North West Ssese Islands one of the most authentic and secluded places on the Islands, making it the perfect spot for sunset strolls beside the lapping waves. The Lake in this part of the island is unusually calm which makes it the perfect swimming spot and an array of thrilling water-sport and beach activities are available.

Brovad Sands Lodge Restaurant; At our stylish Restaurant you can enjoy delicious dinners, with plenty of interesting local dishes and ingredients on offer. Buffet breakfasts are excellent, and feature lots of Ugandan things to try.

Brovad Sands Lodge has the best accommodation facilities to give you a perfect stay on the Ssese Islands of Lake Victoria. Its position of white sand beach makes it the perfect place for a memorable stay on the Ssese Islands.

Contact us today to reserve your stay at Brovad Sands Lodge through or call our reservation team on +256-701367970.


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