Visit Ssese Islands This Festive Season


Have you ever visited the Ssese Islands during the festive season? Do you know how peaceful it is to walk along the beachfront, picking up seashells, and the only sounds you hear are the waves crashing on the shore and birds? It’s the most relaxing and therapeutic experience ever! It provides you with a good dose of physical therapy, hydrotherapy and aromatherapy all wrapped up together. It’s just what the doctor ordered! At Brovad Sands Lodge we give you a large selection Ssese Islands vacation packages to choose from. We’re proud to offer you fully furnished cottages.

One of the biggest reasons people want to escape the working routine are because they are tired of being cooped up indoors. Well, we have the remedy for that. We have a spectacular beachfront, a swimming pool, sauna and steam room, and beach volleyball that will give you unlimited opportunities to be outdoors and staying active.

Our rates are very affordable and we conveniently offer beautiful cottages to fit anyone’s budget. Cottages come fully furnished, beautifully decorated and well appointed with everything you need for a longer stay. All utilities are included in the rate, free Wi-Fi internet, private balcony a canoe ride on Lake Victoria and satellite television with DSTV are in every cottage.

Don’t wait much longer before booking your Ssese Islands festive vacation. Everything you need to know about our packages is right here on our website but if you have any questions, please us send us an email via or give us a call at +256-701367970. We look forward to having you spend this winter with us!



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