The Top Things to do on the Ssese Islands


Ssese Island is situated in the Southwestern part of Lake Victoria. The island can be accessed by using ferry from Entebbe (Nakiwogo) which leaves once a day at 14:00hr. It takes three and a half (3h:30m) hours to get to Lutoboka (on Buggala island), where fascinating and best hotels in Ssese Islands is located.

Ssese Islands is blessed with a lot of natural and traditional wonders that you need to explore on you visit. Things to do and see on the Ssese Islands include the following;

Boating Sailing and Sunset Cruises: The Ssese Islands are surrounded by the 2nd largest lake in the world and the largest lake in Africa. Boating is a normal way of life, from fishing boats, to Sail Boats, Motorized Boats of all kind. The boating activities are endless and of course the water-sports in a tropical setting, take a sun-downer cruise and more. Take a boat ride to Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary for a half-day visit.

Traditional beliefs: The Island was initially occupied by the Bassese people that are closely related to the Baganda. The Bassese men had huge chests with tough muscles and the women had long breasts. The Basese believed in traditional gods, maybe which is why the islands are associated with spirituality. On Buvuma Island, it is believed if one brings a monkey or an animal of any kind, they will become alike in aspects of the face. This is a good place to go for those that believe in the wrath of the gods and ghost stories.

The Beautiful Scenery: It’s a beautiful place especially if you are on a honeymoon holiday with partner. It is a place removed from the normal with beautiful beaches and places to stay. It could infuse romance into your relationship.

Cycling: It is never too late to get up on a bicycle and pedal away. A popular cycling excursion is to Mutumbula swimming beach, off the road towards Luku. This cycling is a blessing in disguise since you get close to the marshy southwestern shores which harbour small numbers of hippo as well as a population of Sitatunga Antelope with larger horns than the mainland equivalent, which some authorities say is an endemic Island race.

Relax and Chill Out on the Ssese Islands: The Lonely Planet has name the Ssese Islands as one of the best places to relax and chill out with its tropical Sun, sandy beaches, palm trees, quaint fishing villages, cool forests, simply provide one of Uganda’s best places to relax as visitors come to Uganda or are ready to return to their country.

Bonfire: Imagine the African clear starlit night sky, the pyrotechnic lightning displays in the distance over the lake. You are on an equatorial, tropical Island and one of the fun things of being on the beach is a blazing fire, music and simply having fun with others that you have met since coming here.

Quad-Biking: The Ssese Islands are a perfect place to explore with a ATV Quad Bike. Ride through quaint fishing Villages, forests, even on beaches and get to know Bulaga Islands, you can even ride into the town of Kalangala. Take a packed lunch with you and have it on a quiet spot on the island, preferably one with view. Take a sunset ride and see one of the most beautiful features of spending a few days on the Ssese Islands.

Nature Walks: Though you are on an Island there are plenty of opportunities for Nature Walks from short walks to full-day. Such walks can include visits to Villages, including fishing Villages where you have inter-cultural exchanges, have a drink and chat with an Islander. You can also visit Schools and meet future Islanders and most often can enjoy a song and dance of the school-children. Such walks can be taken on all islands, including the more isolated ones that you can access.

Explore the 84 Archipelagos: With over 85 islands, take advantage of the trip and go on excursions to the various islands to see what they can offer. The list is endless…

Visit Ssese Islands and enjoy lots of activities and sight many things in Uganda’s paradise. Book your travel to Ssese Islands by sending us your details via or call us on +256-701367970 for more information.


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