A Romantic vacation in Uganda at the Ssese Islands of Lake Victoria


Add a wave of color to your trip to Uganda with a set apart vacation on the one of the most developed island among the 84 islands that makes archipelago. The Ssese islands are an archipelago of 84 known islands on the Northwestern parts of Lake Victoria, the second largest fresh water body in Africa.

Many visitors crowd Uganda from all parts of the world, with various intentions, some of wildlife trips, gorilla tours, Water sports, Mountain hiking, voluntary works, project proposals, business trips, family visits and so many more, but a 2 days relaxation on the Ssese islands unwinds your mind, relaxes your body from daily work routine and recreates your family and friendship bond in the calm atmosphere.

The islands are split in 2 groups; the south west group called Bugala and northeastern group referred as koome. The islands in Bugala include Bubeke, Bufumira, Bugaba, Bukasa, Buyova, Funve and Serinya. The Ssese islands are mostly inhabited by Bantu Speaking and occupy most of Kalangala district. Below are 4 most exciting activities to do at Ssese islands

Boat ride

Many beach hotels organize boat ride on Lake Victoria from the main landing site in Kalangala. Boat rides; take approximately 2 hours around the nearby islands. There are options for luxury speed boats that can seat from 4-12 pax and normal local canoe boats. You can choose to seat back and enjoy the comfy of the speed boat or you can choose to grab your paddles and row, your boat gently down the lake.

Fishing Adventure

Ssese Island is the best fishing destination for the huge Nile Perch and other delicious types fish like the Tilapia, Cray fish, Silver fish and many more. There are many boats setting out for fishing every day  to the lake and you can have chance to  join any group at any time of the day. Fish dishes can be prepared in very many ways, from fried fish pieces to steamed stew.

Beach excursion

Take off your shoes, wrap yourself in a smooth and light kikoyi and head for the white sand beaches. There are various beach excursions with the best at Bulago Island at Brovad Sands Lodge and Kalangala white-sand beaches. Spend your honeymoon in leisure with your loved being served a romantic dinner on the lake shores. Relax in your hammock as you glance at the glittering waters and far horizon.

Chimpanzee viewing

You can still have a chance to view the chimpanzees away from the known kibale forest; the Ngamba Island habituates many of the orphaned chimpanzees and chimpanzee viewing tours are done every day at the island. Trips to Ngamba Island start from the Zoo, Uganda wildlife Education Centre by speed boat. This is the best place for the children to also view the chimps without tracking in the forest. Chimpanzee viewing is mainly possible during feeding hours, this is when the chimps come out of the forest canopies to feed at the sound of the bell from the rangers. Many visitors stand on the built decks to view the chimps feed and associate.

Book your Ssese islands vacation through stay@sseseislandsresorthotel.com or call +256 701367970.


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