The Top Things to do on the Ssese Islands


Ssese Island is situated in the Southwestern part of Lake Victoria. The island can be accessed by using ferry from Entebbe (Nakiwogo) which leaves once a day at 14:00hr. It takes three and a half (3h:30m) hours to get to Lutoboka (on Buggala island), where fascinating and best hotels in Ssese Islands is located.

Ssese Islands is blessed with a lot of natural and traditional wonders that you need to explore on you visit. Things to do and see on the Ssese Islands include the following;

Boating Sailing and Sunset Cruises: The Ssese Islands are surrounded by the 2nd largest lake in the world and the largest lake in Africa. Boating is a normal way of life, from fishing boats, to Sail Boats, Motorized Boats of all kind. The boating activities are endless and of course the water-sports in a tropical setting, take a sun-downer cruise and more. Take a boat ride to Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary for a half-day visit.

Traditional beliefs: The Island was initially occupied by the Bassese people that are closely related to the Baganda. The Bassese men had huge chests with tough muscles and the women had long breasts. The Basese believed in traditional gods, maybe which is why the islands are associated with spirituality. On Buvuma Island, it is believed if one brings a monkey or an animal of any kind, they will become alike in aspects of the face. This is a good place to go for those that believe in the wrath of the gods and ghost stories.

The Beautiful Scenery: It’s a beautiful place especially if you are on a honeymoon holiday with partner. It is a place removed from the normal with beautiful beaches and places to stay. It could infuse romance into your relationship.

Cycling: It is never too late to get up on a bicycle and pedal away. A popular cycling excursion is to Mutumbula swimming beach, off the road towards Luku. This cycling is a blessing in disguise since you get close to the marshy southwestern shores which harbour small numbers of hippo as well as a population of Sitatunga Antelope with larger horns than the mainland equivalent, which some authorities say is an endemic Island race.

Relax and Chill Out on the Ssese Islands: The Lonely Planet has name the Ssese Islands as one of the best places to relax and chill out with its tropical Sun, sandy beaches, palm trees, quaint fishing villages, cool forests, simply provide one of Uganda’s best places to relax as visitors come to Uganda or are ready to return to their country.

Bonfire: Imagine the African clear starlit night sky, the pyrotechnic lightning displays in the distance over the lake. You are on an equatorial, tropical Island and one of the fun things of being on the beach is a blazing fire, music and simply having fun with others that you have met since coming here.

Quad-Biking: The Ssese Islands are a perfect place to explore with a ATV Quad Bike. Ride through quaint fishing Villages, forests, even on beaches and get to know Bulaga Islands, you can even ride into the town of Kalangala. Take a packed lunch with you and have it on a quiet spot on the island, preferably one with view. Take a sunset ride and see one of the most beautiful features of spending a few days on the Ssese Islands.

Nature Walks: Though you are on an Island there are plenty of opportunities for Nature Walks from short walks to full-day. Such walks can include visits to Villages, including fishing Villages where you have inter-cultural exchanges, have a drink and chat with an Islander. You can also visit Schools and meet future Islanders and most often can enjoy a song and dance of the school-children. Such walks can be taken on all islands, including the more isolated ones that you can access.

Explore the 84 Archipelagos: With over 85 islands, take advantage of the trip and go on excursions to the various islands to see what they can offer. The list is endless…

Visit Ssese Islands and enjoy lots of activities and sight many things in Uganda’s paradise. Book your travel to Ssese Islands by sending us your details via or call us on +256-701367970 for more information.

Relax on your Weekend getaway and Honeymoon vacation on Ssese Islands


Book a relaxing break at Brovad Sands Lodge in Ssese Islands, Lake Victoria, and you’ll be ideally situated to make the most of the best attractions on Ssese. Relax in the largest freshwater lake of Africa on your weekend getaway or honeymoon vacation in Uganda.

Bright, simple and stylish, our luxurious cottages fully self contained and designed with an African architecture. Our cottages have standard king-sized beds, private balcony viewing the beach reading table, two sofa seats, a modern bathroom with bathtub and shower, satellite television with DSTV and wireless internet access.

As a guest at Ssese Islands Brovad Sands Lodge, you’ll also enjoy exclusive access to our fabulous, resort-style swimming pool and inviting in-ground spa, as well as a indulging in the various beach games. Our resort has an AAA rating of 3.5 stars making it the best among the other resorts in the Ssese Islands region due to the excellent service staff and a wide variety of activities provided at the most affordable prices in Kalangala.

Our resort is located on the largest Bugala Island which is the most developed among the 84 archipelagos of that makeup Ssese. Water lovers have a huge selection of activities to choose from during their weekend and honeymoon vacations on Ssese Islands, from canoe riding, motor boat rides, quad biking, cycling, sport fishing, nature walks, community visits beach games, swimming, visiting the Bidco palm plantation to mention but a few!

Those that prefer to keep by the beach at night have a Bonfire on the shores of Lake Victoria and get served with all kinds of beverages that they may wish to have.

Relax in the paradise of Ssese Islands on your honeymoon and weekend vacation, send us your details on or call +256-701367970 for more information about Ssese Islands vacations in Uganda.

Ssese Islands Best Resort Hotel


Ssese Islands are made up of 84 archipelagos, all placed on the northwestern part of the Lake Victoria; the Largest freshwater lake in Africa. Ssese Islands have a lot of tourist activities that makes your honeymoon a lifetime memory. If you’re asking which Island you should choose for your Ssese Islands honeymoon, don’t despair Bulago Island is perfect for awaits your Ssese Island honeymoon getaway.

Bugala Island is the biggest of the Ssese Islands with an impressive lake view, which offers the most impressive sunsets that you can get from Ssese Islands. The Bugala Island is famed with white sandy bays perfect for your outdoor dinner at the beach on your honeymoon holiday that will have you in awe of this island’s beauty.

At Brovad Sands Lodge has a spacious and luxurious stylish room to suite your leisure travel needs. Our rooms are luxurious and self-contained with a tiled floor and elegant ceramic fittings. Stylishly adorned with wall paintings and sculptures, your room will give you inspiration. The soft yet firm bed ensures that you experience fresh mornings ready for the challenges of a new day. Brovad’s well trained staff is at your beckon 24 hours a day to attend to your every wish.

As a business delegate at Brovad Sands lodge you will have access to the Business Center with internet access, printing and other word processing requirements. The Brovad conference room accommodates up to 50 participants. When organizing a business meeting at Brovad, the facility will offer you power point, flip chart and other necessary audio visual amenities, as well as wireless internet access. The room is available for use by guests in private meetings and larger discussion gatherings.

At a conference you will receive the following;

  • Conference room
  • Pens and pads
  • Flip chart paper and markers
  • LCD projector
  • Am/Pm tea, coffee and pastries
  • Mineral water in the conference room
  • Lunch – Less than 15 people (Set Menu) Over 15 people (Buffet)

At the Brovad restaurant, the hotel chef can prepare for you a wide variety of local and international cuisine to cater for your personal taste. You also have an impressive assortment of deserts, fine wine, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as various coffees to choose from. There is additional sitting in the garden.

The restaurant is partially open air, within vegetation and surrounding tropical Ssese weather, which adds to the country atmosphere of this suburban establishment.

As a resident at this Ssese resort you will have access to the Brovad spa facility and offers the latest in health and wellness equipment for an all round body workout. Brovad Spa offers first-rate dead-sea beauty and relaxation treatments by professionally trained staff in a serene environment. You can also use the swimming pool after a long workout.

Contact us through or call +256-701367970 for more information and make reservation.

A Romantic vacation in Uganda at the Ssese Islands of Lake Victoria


Add a wave of color to your trip to Uganda with a set apart vacation on the one of the most developed island among the 84 islands that makes archipelago. The Ssese islands are an archipelago of 84 known islands on the Northwestern parts of Lake Victoria, the second largest fresh water body in Africa.

Many visitors crowd Uganda from all parts of the world, with various intentions, some of wildlife trips, gorilla tours, Water sports, Mountain hiking, voluntary works, project proposals, business trips, family visits and so many more, but a 2 days relaxation on the Ssese islands unwinds your mind, relaxes your body from daily work routine and recreates your family and friendship bond in the calm atmosphere.

The islands are split in 2 groups; the south west group called Bugala and northeastern group referred as koome. The islands in Bugala include Bubeke, Bufumira, Bugaba, Bukasa, Buyova, Funve and Serinya. The Ssese islands are mostly inhabited by Bantu Speaking and occupy most of Kalangala district. Below are 4 most exciting activities to do at Ssese islands

Boat ride

Many beach hotels organize boat ride on Lake Victoria from the main landing site in Kalangala. Boat rides; take approximately 2 hours around the nearby islands. There are options for luxury speed boats that can seat from 4-12 pax and normal local canoe boats. You can choose to seat back and enjoy the comfy of the speed boat or you can choose to grab your paddles and row, your boat gently down the lake.

Fishing Adventure

Ssese Island is the best fishing destination for the huge Nile Perch and other delicious types fish like the Tilapia, Cray fish, Silver fish and many more. There are many boats setting out for fishing every day  to the lake and you can have chance to  join any group at any time of the day. Fish dishes can be prepared in very many ways, from fried fish pieces to steamed stew.

Beach excursion

Take off your shoes, wrap yourself in a smooth and light kikoyi and head for the white sand beaches. There are various beach excursions with the best at Bulago Island at Brovad Sands Lodge and Kalangala white-sand beaches. Spend your honeymoon in leisure with your loved being served a romantic dinner on the lake shores. Relax in your hammock as you glance at the glittering waters and far horizon.

Chimpanzee viewing

You can still have a chance to view the chimpanzees away from the known kibale forest; the Ngamba Island habituates many of the orphaned chimpanzees and chimpanzee viewing tours are done every day at the island. Trips to Ngamba Island start from the Zoo, Uganda wildlife Education Centre by speed boat. This is the best place for the children to also view the chimps without tracking in the forest. Chimpanzee viewing is mainly possible during feeding hours, this is when the chimps come out of the forest canopies to feed at the sound of the bell from the rangers. Many visitors stand on the built decks to view the chimps feed and associate.

Book your Ssese islands vacation through or call +256 701367970.

Best places in Uganda for Weekend Chill-out vacations


Uganda is not somewhere that most would associate with a relaxing holiday. Many people see it purely as a destination for adventure travel whether tracking mountain gorillas, taming grade 5 rapids on the Nile or trekking knee-deep through mud for weeks in the Rwenzoris. But until you’ve lazed in a hammock on a perfect white-sand beach in Lake Victoria or hung out at Lake Bunyonyi with its astonishing fairytale-esque islands, you won’t realise just how chilled out Uganda can be. So once your nerves have been frazzled by one too many bus trips, here are some great spots to slow it right down.

  1. Ssese Islands

One of Uganda’s legendary chill-out spots, the Ssese are all about powdery white-sand beaches, celestial sunsets, bonfires on the beach and a remote location in the middle of Lake Victoria. Comprising an archipelago of 84 islands, most travellers head straight to Bugala Island, which has the nicest beaches as well as a great choice of accommodation from backpackers to more up-market choices all of which boast prime beachfront positions. As elsewhere in Lake Victoria, swimming is not recommended but Brovad sands Lodge has its own swimming pool for all your swimming pleasure. The beaches are magical and likely to keep you blissfully marooned much longer than you expected.

  1. Lake Bunyonyi

Straight out of a Tolkien novel, the sweeping panoramic views from atop Lake Bunyonyi are dotted with perfectly formed islands and an enchanting backdrop of misty terraced hills. You could easily be forgiven for thinking you’d arrived in Nepal. Of the 29 islands, many have accommodation ranging from backpacker hangouts to rustic bungalows set deep among the sounds of nature. And it’s one of the few places in Uganda that’s perfect for swimming: no bilharzia, no crocs and no hippos. It’s best explored by a leisurely paddle in a dugout canoe; go at sunset for a sublime experience.

  1. Jinja

While most visitors to the Victoria Nile are here to be thrown around rafting hardcore rapids, not nearly enough hang around to soak up its calming waters. Just a few kilometres downstream are some of the most tranquil river-side lodges you’ll ever encounter. Hairy Lemon or the Haven are both well-known for their laidback charms, while the new luxury Wildwaters Lodge is simply stunning, with rooms featuring outdoor claw-foot baths on the balconies overlooking the Nile.

  1. National parks

When it’s time to visit one of Uganda’s top-notch national parks, why not spoil yourself and make the experience more memorable with a night or two in one of its luxury lodges. Hanging out here could easily be one of the most relaxing times of your trip. And while they’re not cheap, it’s hard to put a price on the experience of soaking in outdoor bubblebath metres from grazing buffalo and zebra at Apoka Safari Lodge in Kidepo National Park or spying elephants from your poolside hammock at Kyambura Game Lodge in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

  1. Around Kampala

Even Uganda’s hectic capital can easily be escaped; Entebbe is a perfect place to chill-out around Kampala. Only an hour’s drive from Kampala, Entebbe can be a more appealing alternative with its relaxed vibe, leafy guesthouses and attractive beaches that skirt Lake Victoria. Otherwise, there’s Malakai Eco Lodge located approximately 20 minutes from Entebbe International Airport, but feels a million miles away. Its ecological setting is the perfect antidote to traffic jams and inhaling fumes. Take your pick between lovely stilted thatched huts in a tropical garden.

To organize for you a weekend chillout vacation, get in touch with us through or call us on +256-701367970 for more information.


Spend 3 Days Relaxing on Ssese Islands on a Weekend Holiday in Uganda


The Islands are an archipelago of 84 Islands situated on the world’s second-largest freshwater lake and are one of Uganda’s touristic destinations with Bugala Island being the biggest, developed and most visited with the best hotels in Ssese Islands. The Island is a splendid place for honeymooners, Bird lovers, Photography, holiday relaxation and tourists. Ssese islands are also home to a few primates like Vervet monkeys, Black and white colobus monkeys plus bird species that include Jewel pygmy kingfisher, hornbill, paradise flycatcher, barbets, Turaco, Palm nut vultures and African fish eagle. Their being distinct has attracted very many visitors there!

2 Nights stay at Brovad sands Lodge.

Day 1: Transfer to Ssese Islands
Embark on a ferry at Nakiwogo in Entebbe and sail to the splendid Bugala Island. On arrival, relax and enjoy the afternoon at the white sand beach. Alternatively go for pool swimming.
Overnight and dinner at Brovad Sands Lodge.

Day 2: Ssese/Bugala Island
Begin with a hearty breakfast, take a nature walk around the Island and then go bird watching. Alternatively go Sport fishing, canoe ride, quad bike or enjoy sun bathing and indulge in the different beach games on the island. Lunch, dinner and Overnight at Brovad Sands Lodge.

Day 3: Ssese Islands–Kampala
have an early breakfast or have  your breakfast packed, embarck on a ferry and cruise to Entebbe, Nakiwogo landing site. Then continue to the airport or your resident.

End of the Ssese Islands 3 days vacation

Interested in visiting Ssese Islands for a weekend or honeymoon vacation, contact us through or call our reservation team on +256-772367972.