Enjoy Your Leisure Holiday On Ssese Islands | Brovad Sands Lodge

brovaadSsese is a group of islands found in the western part of the large Lake Victoria, within Kalangala district. It has 84 tinny islands which vary in size from the less than 10,000 sq km to more 40 kilometers in length. Bugala is actually the largest island. The Sesse islands came to place about 12,000 years back when a tectonic change caused a raised basin found between the 2 arms of the East African Great Rift Valley to actually flood, hence resulting into the formation of Lake Victoria.

Guided Walks: We can arrange for you Guided walks around the Ssese Islands to observe the farm of palm trees plus fishing villages. The guests may as well visit the stunning bats caves. When at Bugala Island, there are guided walks within the forests which enable the guests to see a number of monkey species. The moorland are habitat to a diversity of primates.

Boat trip: Boat trips may be organized as a connection to the other Islands hence offering guests an opportunity to appreciate the great beauty of other Islands and even watch the spectacular birds.

Bugaba Island: This is the home of the African grey parrots and the typical unblemished African equatorial forest.
Bubembe and Funve Islands: Found south-west of Lake Victoria near the Tanzanian boarder with Uganda. The area is famous for the Nile perch and cat fish angling some of the largest Nile perch weighing over 100kgs. The best season for fishing is between April and August. In a group of 4 people, you could have a whole day fishing of your life time.
Serinya, Banda and Kitobo islands: These are fast developing islands, a tourist in search of a classic example of how islanders in the developing world live, will receive a world of experience and knowledge.

Wildlife: Vervet monkey, Bushbuck, black and white colobus, hippos, sitatunga antelope endemic to the islands with larger horns than the mainland specie. Other endemic species are present on the islands like the creek rat and three butterfly species.

Quad Biking: Let us take you on an unforgettable and breathtaking adventure! Ride your own Quad Bike along the beautiful coast line of Ssese Island. Experience a trip of your lifetime!!!

Nature walks: Taking you through the forest offers a memorable experience and an opportunity to see the various tree species, primates and birds that gives you a new lease of life with an encounter of insects, and butterflies.

Cultural walk: Have an excellent cultural encounter with the local community at Ssese Islands and understand their way of life in the midst of the lake for years.

Book online your leisure holiday to Ssese Islands with us at stay@sseseislandsresorthotel.com or call +256-701367970


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