The Best Ssese Islands Hotel – Brovad Sands Lodge


Ssese Islands is the most popular group of islands in Lake Victoria. It is an archipelago of 84 islands in the Uganda side of the lake. These islands are within Kalangala District, and they are divided into two groups that are the Bugalo and Koome groups.

In the Bugalo Group, the largest island is Bugalo Island, on which you will find Kalangala Town. Other islands are Bubeke, Bugaba, Bukasa and Buyova. The Koome Group has Koome Island as the largest. Other islands are Lwaji and Damba. Between the two groups of Ssese Islands is Koome Channel.

Ssese accommodation and restaurant
Get accommodation in Ssese Islands as you explore as many of these islands as possible. Ssese Islands hotels are available in most of the inhabited islands like Bugalo Island. You can choose hotels and resorts in Kalangala Town or in Beta.

On top of the list is Brovad Sands Lodge; the best resort at Ssese Islands located on the largest Island of Bugala. Brovad Sands Lodge is the most rated resort hotel on Ssese Islands with a stunning property comprising large, plush thatched cottages in a tropical garden with a soaring banda restaurant. The lodge which features beautiful gardens, numerous trees and the beach front supports various bird species mainly water birds plus some forest species. It offers guided village walks to the various villages on Kalangala Islands. Guests will have the opportunity to even reach the distant villages on the island, visit the orphanages, and check out the various artifact shops where they can buy a souvenir, taste the local brew “marwa”. Free WiFi is available at the lodge.

The lodge features Rondavel like cottages fitted with modern furniture and fittings. All the rooms are self-contained each having a fresh bedding, fans, telephone and flat-screen T.V.

Brovad Sands Lodge houses an onsite restaurant which serves both Local dishes and International Cuisines made by chefs using the finest ingredients from fresh sources. Complimentary breakfast is served daily and several drinks are provided through the onsite bar.

Laundry/dry cleaning airport pickup services are available at a fee. Airport pickup services are also available upon request. The premises are guarded by security personnel. Onsite parking is available.

To make reservations to stay at the best resort hotel in Ssese Islands contact us through or call +256-701367970 to speak to our reservation agent.


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