How To Reach Ssese Islands By Ferry from Entebbe and Masaka

Mv Kalangala

The Ssese Islands are an archipelago of eighty-four islands in the northwest of Lake Victoria, Uganda. About forty-three of the islands are inhabited. The islands vary in size from less than 10,000 square metres, to over 40 kilometres in length for the largest island, Bugala.

Ssese Islands Regions

Bugala Island is easily accessible by ferry, and is a regular weekend destination for Kampala residents. The island forms an L shape (with the long stem of the L pointing south, and the short stem pointing west). Brovad Sands lodge is located on the Bugala Island which is the best resort hotel in the Ssese Islands offering excellent services with luxury facilities that will make your Ssese tour memorable. The bay itself is serene best for Lake viewing, night-fires or dinner at the beach. Bulago Island is a small island closer to the lakeshore that is run by a resort. Bukasa Island is a small island containing Father Christopher’s guest house. Banda Island is another small island, more remote, that also has a guest house. Other islands that can be visited include are Bubeke and Bufumira.

Getting to Ssese islands

Ssese Islands on Lake Victoria can accesses through various routes with Nakiwogo by MV Kalangala as the main gateway to the archipelagos.

From Nakiwogo landing site: Visitor can get to Bugala Island on the MV Kalangala ferry from Nakiwogo landing site near Entebbe. It departs the mainland at 2pm daily and leaves the Island at 8am. Transfer between Nakiwogo and Bugala Island is usually 3½ hours. First class seating costs Ush.14,000 and second class is USh.10,000. Vehicles cost Ush.50,000. It is recommended that you arrive 2 hours earier for the feery inoder to get a seat since it is served on a basis of first come – first serve. The ferry at times gets over crowded, so arrive early at Nakiwogo to claim a seat or else you may have to stand on the deck.

From Bukakata: from the western part of Uganda, a free car ferry links Bukakata mainland located 36km east of Maksaka with Luku on Bugala Islands about 50 minutes sailing. The ferry sails either directions every few hours from early morning to late afternoon. The morning trips on Sunday are not available. The ferry schedule changes often, so it is recommended that you inquire from the resorts at bugala island to get accurate and updated travel information.

From Kasenyi landing site: To get to Banda Island, there are small wooden boats departing from kasenyi, a fishing village 7km off Entebbe-Kampala road; turn off is  5km outside Entebbe. Boats from Kasenyi to Banda Islands leave daily with varied schedules that some days is direct and others stops via Kitobo Island.

On bugala island there are shared taxis that run from Kalangala to Luku at a cost of Ush.7,000 though Brovad Sands loge provides transport to their clients from and to the ferry dock.

To get more information and booking accommodation on Ssese Islands, contact us by sending an email on or call our reservation agent on +256-701367970.


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